MEL Scripts

To use these scripts, place them in your Maya scripts directory and assign a command "source scriptName.mel" to a hotkey or marking menu.
Stretchy Spline IK - This tool will first make a given number of joints on a NURBS curve. Then you can choose to make a stretchy spline IK system.
Split Joints - Automatically create split joints for a character. Up to 10 joints can be created. Orientation blend is evenly distributed along the joint.
Connections - This tool allows for making multiple connections very quick and easy. Features include options to automatically create multiplier, offset, and clamp nodes.
Bake Geometry - Bakes skinned or dynamic geomtry to a blendshape node.
Syflex Tools - This is a tool window for my most commonly used commands in Syflex.

Syflex Attenuation Connector - Window for connecting and disconnected attenuators. This script is executed from the above Syflex Tools.
Syflex Multi-Sim - This tool allows you to set up to ten different cloth settings for an object. Simulation caches and playblasts of each of the settings are generated. There is an option available for a custom HUD to appear on playblasts with current cloth settings.

MAX Scripts

Place these Macro Scripts in you 3dsMax\UI\MacroScripts directory, then start MAX. You can then assign them to a hotkey, quad menu, toolbar, or menu. The tools will appear in the "Sak Tools" category.
Mirror Objects - Rigging tool for mirroring bones and control objects without negative scaling. You can mirror across X, Y, or Z axis and choose which axis points down the bone. This also has a name "Find and Replace" so that your new objects can be automatically renamed (for example, "_Left" to "_Right" or "_Lt" to "_Rt").
Add Custom Attributes - Create spinner or slider custom attributes with this tool. You have the option to use multiple rollouts within the same attribute definition. The animation tracks are linked to the UI elements so you can use them with wire parameters, expressions, etc.
Wire Transforms - This window will wire position and rotation transforms of one object to as many objects as you wish. The tool works whether or not transforms have been frozen. If a list controller exists, the active controller in the list is used to wire.
Wire Connector - This script is also for creating wire parameters, but it is not limited to just transforms. Any sub-anim controller on an object can be wired with this tool.